Email Marketing

Techlus offers custom tailored email marketing services to companies and professionals who wish to gain marketing and sales momentum through the use email – one of the most authentic, trusted and personalized mediums of communication. Techlus has developed comprehensive emails marketing expertise to deliver as per the requirements of the client. We design and execute dedicated emails campaigns that are directed at the targeted groups towards bettering your marketing initiatives and catalyzing the sales funneling on your landing pages. Most of the email marketing exercises are implemented as part of broader and holistic CRM initiatives.

Our emails marketing services are defined by the following features:

Our emails marketing services are offered with custom automation such that you could program the sending of emails as regular newsletters, bulk marketing for new product launches, birthday and anniversary messages and such other concepts that are relevant to marketing and customer retention initiatives.

Personalize your emails as per the preferences of your existing and potential customers. We depend on the vital information collected through feedback mechanisms and past records to personalize the emails for better resonance with the receiver.

Real time metrics
Comprehensive, relevant and automated metrics functions are in built in the emails marketing portals that we offer. This helps your managers to analyze the customer data precisely!

Tracking and verifiability for leads conversion and sales through intelligent data/reports
Tracks the vital leads in search of potential customers and accelerate your sales funnel through the intelligent data and reports derived from active metrics.

Our emails marketing services are geared towards the following objectives of practical relevance to your business operations

  • Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Feedback generation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Sales and repeat sales

Our bulk email service

Techlus offers dedicated & custom tailored bulk email services to business clients that regularly rely on emails for newsletters and marketing or those that choose it for their one time campaigns. Email is still the most authentic and targeted medium of marketing and branding for the commercial firms. For product launches and product penetration campaigns, it is considered a must dimension. Bulk email services that we offer are customized to suit your requirements and delivered as cost effective so that your campaign budget is not spilled. Our bulk email service comes with:

  • Free templates for bulk emails/newsletters
  • Automated yet simplified sending protocols
  • Real time tracking of the sent mails

With a targeted emails marketing campaign, your company can leverage the latent potentials easily. Come to Techlus and find the best emails marketing solutions now!

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