The advent of digitization happened decades ago when the computers started making greater penetration in the social economies and people began admiring the swiftness and calculative efficiencies of these machines. Now it is very common and people themselves are learning to make use of these gadgets including the smartphones for their day to day tasks. The development of internet led to the change of perception in the definition of ‘digital’! Now it also means communication and therefore the marketing gurus were quick to link it to advertising – a must factor for the vendors/banners in the ever competitive economies. The concept of digital marketing is now commonly talked about and it combines all the relevant dimensions through which a business can grow and benefit. Here are these dimensions of relevance and significance.

Wider marketing exposure that is targeted!
Today, talking of digital marketing means touching a huge turf of the web! A business can gain momentum through wider exposure. And remember that this exposure is targeted and therefore differs from the traditional mediums where the anonymous approach is followed; courtesy to the intelligent search algorithms that are employed by the leading search engines of age! You immediately get through your SEO charged web pages, a chance to reach out to the correct audience base of potential customers.

Generic branding through the social connect
Webmasters attempt the social media for marketing through niches like SMO and SMM so that your brand finds the generic marketing that is deep, long lasting, cost effective and very potent!

Thought (content) marketing for reputation building
Content marketing can be leveraged if you are selling a smart product that requires an educative orientation towards the potential customers. You can develop a reputation as a counselor rather than as a direct seller, but people buy your product because you let them know the goodness in an unbiased manner!

Dedicated ORM
ORM is a containing exercise to buffer your market value and brand worth from bad claims and attempts towards tarnishing your image. This keeps your market share intact and positive.

These dimensions far outweigh the benefits of traditional marketing and thus ensure higher ROI for your business!

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