Google Adwords (PPC)

Techlus offers specialized search engine marketing services and particularly excels in Google Ad-words, PPC campaigns for the clients that wish to optimize the traffic to their landing pages. We offer complete life-cycle support solutions to our clients who need not worry regarding the management of their campaigns. Cost effectiveness is the hallmark of our Google AdWords services and we promise quality traffic to your websites so that you find optimized sales funneling. Our SEM experts look into every detail and make a custom plan including the careful selection of keywords for best resonance.

What we offer

Google’s AdWords has emerged as the single most popular platform for targeted search engine marketing towards generating traffic to the website. The results of a well engineered PPC plan are available almost instantly and the website finds targeted traffic. We at Techlus ensure that you reap the highest dividends through your investment in the Google’s AdWords campaigns. Our Google AdWords services include the following dimensions:

  • The keywords research : we do intensive research to determine the best set of keywords that are balanced in terms of results and cost of bidding.
  • The ad copy development : we also make your ad copy for placement as the PPC ads in search engines’ results pages and websites. This is done by our digital marketing experts.
  • Keywords bidding management : we have a robust and dedicated team for keywords bidding. It manages the dynamic task of bidding by constantly monitoring and evaluating the emergent trends; and also changing the keywords for creating better traffic resonance.
  • Landing page services and recommendations : we also offer to design your landing pages for the best results so that the traffic created is actually fructified at your site.
  • Conversion tracking code services : by applying conversion tracking code, we monitor the progress

Our comprehensive AdWords service for you makes things easy while you enjoy optimized traffic in a cost effective manner!

Campaign Types:

  1. Search Network only
  2. Display Network only
  3. Shopping Campaign (PLA)
  4. Video
  5. Universal app
  6. Remarketing
  7. Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)
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