Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Techlus offers targeted and results oriented social media marketing (SMM) to business firms and professionals that seek better sales and marketing mileages in the domains of internet. Our social media marketing campaigns are bred as generic initiatives that are executed in a dynamic manner to ensure the desirable results in favor of the client. The SMM campaigns that Techlus undertakes are interwoven with different dimensions of ‘web social’ like SMO so as to boost the results in least of time. In return, our clients get super visibilities through search prominence and of course dedicated and quality traffic to the sales and landing pages of website Packers24.

How we do marketing for you through web social?

‘Web social’ is among the most dominant orientations that define the web today. This is because, the intelligent search engines of age including Google have identified ‘social’ as one of the best and trusted parameters to find out the authentic choices to be served before its users. We at Techlus make sure that your website achieves the vibrant social tags that are aptly recognized by the search engines towards your visibilities and sales.

Creating the positive social buzz for you:

Apart from the visibility oriented marketing of your web banner, we also engage in direct marketing of your product/service by attempting the creation of celebrated eWoM or ‘electronic word of mouth’ – which forms the positive social buzz in your favor. Our SMO and SMM experts seed the social leads in the social spaces and turfs that are frequented by the target groups and potential buyers of your product/service. These social seeds are dynamically cured with the objective of creating the fanfares that unleash the optimized market value of your brand in the web domains; thus fetching the highest mileage towards your branding and sales. Such a twin approach of digital marketing makes Techlus the experts of the market.

Our specialized services in the space of digital marketing are:

Facebook marketing

Facebook is a mammoth social networking turf and also serves as a dynamic social fanfare for the purpose of marketing! We do dedicated and customized Facebook marketing for our clients by making use of all the tools and functions that are offered on this social platform. We work upon the following dimensions of Facebook to generate marketing momentum for your biz banner:

  • The Facebook pages : the most fundamental way to secure your resonance with the Facebook community of more than 1.2 billion is to create a resonant Facebook page. We do that for you!
  • Facebook adverts : targeted advertising before your potential
  • Messenger : automated messaging and response functions
  • Instagram : creating a visual storyline for your business to connect with others
  • Audience Network : find audience in other mobile apps and platforms also
  • Atlas : track about your adverts through Atlas feature

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for B2B networking and could be potentially profitable from the point of driving sales through better partners’ engagement. However, it requires a resonant marketing plan to be executed for the company which we do in a dedicated manner. We engage in dual approach involving generic marketing and paid campaigns for you through the following functions of LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn page setup exercise in a resonant manner
  • Paid advertisements in LinkedIn domains to complement the generic marketing
  • Your sponsored updates in LinkedIn for dynamic profile
  • Group management
  • Content creation
  • Follower interaction
  • Analytics

Twitter marketing

Twitter, the micro blogging platform has grown out big and vibrant with more than 313 million active users per month who interact through their tweets. The potential of twitter for the marketing and branding is immense; only the right strategy is required that Techlus offers in a customized way to its business clients. Through a right strategy, a business banner can get better exposure and generic branding, especially among the potential users and buyers of it. The objective advantages that we ensure for our clients through twitter include the following:

  • Setting up your twitter account
  • Drive engagement through updates
  • Customer feedback channels
  • Competitors’ analysis

YouTube Marketing

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms among the enthusiasts who watch and share their favorite videos and thus it offers a superway to any commerce banner for the purpose of marketing and brand promotion. For the new product launches, it has become a desirable service that is now considered a must by the digital marketing experts. Techlus also engages in dedicated YouTube marketing services for its business clients and offers very specialized catering which include the following dimensions:

  • Creating your YouTube channel
  • Optimizing your channel for search optimization
  • Promoting the channel among the targeted user groups
  • Transcripting for your videos
  • Integration with Google analytics

We have been catering to the clients in a custom manner whereby every component of ‘web social’ is conditioned to suit your marketing and branding needs! This means that we secure the best results for every client. You could be next to benefit through us!

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