Web Development

Techlus engages in innovative and targeted web development tasks that have become much demanded in the evolving web domains. The concept of simple web designing of the yester years has broadened now to include more dimensions that are considered relevant for the purpose of value addition for the client that demands a competitive edge. In the practical parlance, we call it the branding mileage that is secured by inclusion of specific components in the webpages architecture. Our web development services are thus geared towards better visibilities, marketing and branding catalyses and dedicated sales funneling for the clients that are spread in diversity of verticals.

How we attempt web development for you?

Webmasters at Techlus ensure the optimized results of visibility, branding, marketing and sales for the client through the following dimensions :

The ‘web social’ optimization
This is the most important and dominant orientation in the field of modern web development. The webmasters at Techlus engage in smart social strategies towards generating a vibrant social buzz in favor of the business client that reaps the benefits of high visibility, generic and cost effective branding and hence sales! Customization is the necessary ingredient ensured by us while executing your SMO and SMM plans.

Dedicated CRM strategies
We undertake well maneuvered, objective and calibrated CRM strategies for the business clients with the objective of optimized customer engagement, retention and sales.

The authentic content marketing
Content marketing pages are pooled towards generating worthy credits for the brand and hence create a passage to the landing page

We also attempt the web design attributes of emerging significance like :

  • Better user experience as a mark of quality
  • Links building and sharing
  • Geo targeting and local listing tasks
  • Mobile friendliness quotient optimization for better search results on mobile web

Our web development portfolio is very robust and comprehensive and we attempt every demand as a challenge to emerge the victor through our fundamental innovations for you!

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